Original Paintings

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Historic Houses, + Lighthouses

Land- + Seascapes

Florals, Tropicals

Art-Prints on Paper           7 x 9 + 10 x 13 + 12 x 16

Archival Images

Giclée Prints

Contemporary Realism


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Brooks Range, AK SOLD


Catalina Island, CA SOLD


Marquesas Sunset SOLD


Everglades Copeland SOLD




Cape Sable, FL   AVAILABLE


Windriver Valley   N/A


Low Country, SC , N/A


West of Monroe Station SOLD




Blue Moon in Tropics SOLD


  Tropic Sunset, KW     SOLD


Little Paradise AVAILABLE


Sierra Pacarima  AVAILABLE





Sanibel Shores  SOLD


East of Kayenta, AVAILABLE


Homosassa Delta SOLD


Pacific inlet, CA  N/A






Coconut Palm AVAILABLE


Cabbage Palm, AVAILABLE


Homeward bound 3 AVAILABLE


Buffalo Pastures AVAILABLE








Castaway Beach  Sold


Jungle Composition  SOLD


Path to the Sea 3   Sold






Arcadia   N/A


Cape Sable dusk, Sold


 Last Light , AVAILABLE


Edge of the Glades AVAILABLE






The Pond SOLD


Rocky Cove SOLD